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For many Christians Israel is the ‘Holy Land’ of the Bible where Jesus walked and performed miracles. Many also celebrate the prophecied rebirth of the national homeland for the Jewish people – away from the anti-Semitism experienced across Christendom through the ages and in recent times.¬†¬†After centuries of hostility there is a renewed trust and friendship sharing the same scriptures and a worldview based on God creating life and granting tenure of land. A Celebration of Land & Life will be the theme of the event. Inspiring speeches from well known personalities with live instrumental, choral and audio visual presentations will make this a memorable evening in The Lecture Hall of Central Hall Westminster. Hosted by Tim Vince with friends including Canon Andrew White, Tunji Adebayo, Gordon Pettie, Jacob Vince and other special guests including a brand new presentation by Howard Conder. Musical Director: Ben Andrew